Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mercedes Lackey's 500 Kingdoms Week: One Good Knight

Mercedes Lackey's second installation in the Five Hundred Kingdoms series, One Good Knight, is... weak. Probably my least favorite of all her books (and I say this as a fan), it seems that although the concept is interesting, Lackey didn't have the time (deadlines?? who knows??) to really explore the storylines and characters. There is a load of exposition, followed by some more stuff about the world, a smattering of plot, an awkward love story, and some more stuff about the world.

Although I love Lackey, and enjoy this series, I'd say that unless you're a huge fan already, or you just desperately want to know what happens in detail, you could just as easily skip this one and move onto the next in the series without missing much.

The dragons in this story are referenced in later books, but all you honestly need to know for continuity's sake is that Godmother Elena ends up with some dragon buddies.

Not my favorite, but others have enjoyed it.

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