Thursday, November 11, 2010

Letters from Rapunzel by Sara Lewis Holmes

I was pleasantly surprised by Letters from Rapunzel. It started out a bit simplistic (aimed at grades 5-8): Cadence finds a ripped up letter from her father to PO Box #5667, declaring that the unknown pen-pal is the only reason he's able to write. Candace takes it upon herself to write to Box #5667, seeking aid for the evil spell (chronic depression) that has captivated her father.

I do hold a certain fondness for epistolary novels, and over the course of the story, Cadence's letters and situation gain complexity, becoming what is a very tightly woven story about a young girl learning to rescue herself. She also writes several of her own versions of fairy tales, which are both funny and touching.

Letters from Rapunzel won the Ursula Nordstrom First Fiction Contest, and with the way the different facets of the story come together, I am not surprised. This was a very impressive book.

Check out Sara's website for more information on Letters from Rapunzel.

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