Friday, October 22, 2010

The Rainbow Kingdom by Paul Tracey

This album is the essence of my childhood nostalgia. While there are not strictly any fairy tale retellings, there are a few common tropes that make me feel like it fits, categorically.

The title track, "The Rainbow Kingdom," is about a land with the best colors, until they get blown away by the wind. Teaching us, early on, not to always expect a happy ending. (Although they get a reprise, later, which suggests that they figure out how to get the colors back.)

"I Found It In A Book" is a song to make any librarian take up her flag and sing. (At least, if there was an official Library flag.)

And "Fairy Godfather" turns the three wishes concept on its head for a fun song.

The whole album is clever and creative, and I recommend it if you've got little ones who you need to introduce to the storytelling world.

You can listen to some decent samples at CDBaby. It's available for purchase or download at

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