Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cannon Movies Beauty and the Beast

Since Beastly, based on Alex Flinn's book, is coming out this Friday, I thought I'd take this week to look at some of the previous incarnations of Beauty and the Beast in cinema.

I have to give Cannon a solid "meh" on this one. Sticking close to the Madame de Villeneuve version of the story, Beauty's family is loving but incompetent. Her father's business experiences a run of bad luck, leaving the family poor, and just as he thinks his luck will turn, he finds that his last ship and his last hope have been lost. Wandering home he comes on the Beast's castle... gets treated for the night... picks a rose in the morning--you know where it goes from here.

Starring Rebecca de Mornay and John Savage, the acting is a bit stilted (could be due to the directing as well). Very much aimed at children, instead of being for children, if you take my distinction.

It's worth a viewing if you're a big fan of B&B, otherwise you might pass this one in favor of the other Cannon Movie Tale films.

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