Friday, March 4, 2011

Beastly by Alex Flinn Movie

Beastly is out today!

In her retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Flinn retells the story from the Beast's perspective, in a decidedly modern setting. I think this is a lot like the way that Shakespeare's stories can be so effectively set in high schools -- emotions run high, everything that happens feels vital and -- whatever the reason, the setting and point of view are very effective in this retelling.


As I recall, this was a quick and engaging read. Not too complex, being aimed at high schoolers, and after all, we already know the bones of the story. Flinn did a nice job of fleshing out the characters believably, with a few twists to keep things interesting.

There's an excerpt and more reviews for Beastly here:

And of course, the film is out in theatres today. Remember, the best way to make sure we have more fairy tale movies on the horizon is to support them as they come out!

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  1. Really loking forward to watching this!!! I loved the book! :)