Friday, September 24, 2010

Hans Christian Andersen

Perhaps you remember this classic Hollywood piece, starring Danny Kaye, about a teller of tales?

Hans Christian Andersen

Although it's a highly fanciful version of the life of Andersen, it's delightful to see the stories he told brought to the screen. (And my being a fan of Danny Kaye doesn't hurt my opinion of the film.) Andersen is one of the earliest traceable authors of fairy tales; he wrote his own stories, but they were so telling that they have become a part of culture in the same way as the oral traditions passed down through generations.

You can buy the DVD on for $9.99.

It's also now up on, where you can watch it for free. (Although I see in the comments that some of the original movie was cut... might just have to go and buy the DVD anyway!)

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