Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

The cover art is definitely the first thing that caught my attention here. Isn't it spectacular? After I saw it, I had to read the book right away!

And it was well worth it. I thought at first that it started a little slowly, but thinking back on it, I was thrown by the present-tense narration. Once I got used to that, the story was fast-paced and exciting.

This is the story of Scarlett and Rosie, two sisters who, at a very young age, have a run-in with a Fenris. From then on, their lives revolve around hunting the Fenris, werewolf-like creatures who run in packs and prey on young girls. The book begins with the return of their friend and fellow hunter, Silas--from a family of woodsmen. When the three hunters realize that there is a new potential (a man who can be changed into a Fenris if they can find and bite him), they decide to intensify their hunting by going to the city where the Fenris congregate.

I really enjoyed Ms. Pearce's play on werewolf mythology--because her Fenris are not quite werewolves, and are altogether creepy. And--this is not so much a retelling as a derivative of Little Red Riding Hood. Skillfully told, this exciting tale manages to be a strong message against rape culture without ever getting on a soap box. The sisters are both powerful characters, and the romance side-story is delicious. And frankly, the visual descriptions were fantastic--it made me want to see the movie version.

Jackson Pearce has a website with blog and info.

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