Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ABC's Once Upon a Time (Pilot)

If you are a fairy tale enthusiast like me (does anyone other than that read this blog??) then you have also been looking forward to ABC's new fairy tale mashup, Once Upon a Time. The pilot aired last Sunday, and those of us who are hulu-inclined may or may not have caught up since then.

I watched the first episode yesterday with my husband. There was a bit of cheese involved, some definite hamming, at least in the fairy tale backstory--but not as much as I feared. The early scene that was released as a promotional bit was probably the worst as far as that went, and it was literally the second scene in the episode (where the evil queen comes in and warns everyone that she's going to take away their happy endings).

The show has gotten some mixed reviews, especially as far as mainstream reviewers are concerned, but all of the feedback I've heard from the fairy tale communities has been positive. I'll add my own to that--it's a lot of fun to look for the fairy tale references and see how the characters are spun to be recognizable but modern in the Storybrook, Maine, setting.

Even my husband, who politely indulges my fairy tale obsessions, got to the end of the episode and said, "Wait... so... is the next one out yet?" Which I think is very promising in terms of layman fans of the show.

Here is the trailer, in case you somehow have missed it:

Also it's available on hulu; I'm not sure if they'll have an expiration date with it now--I don't see one at the moment but they do tend to roll five episodes at a time for current network TV.


  1. For someone who likes fairytale mashups as much as you do I am suprised you haven't stumbled across The Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley. They're aimed at younger readers but for lovers of fairytales they are so much fun to read. Also well written and entertaining. You should check them out.

  2. I read the first three when the book series first came out, then got sidetracked while I waited for the series to continue. I keep meaning to get back to them... so many books, so little time!

  3. Ooooh...I definitely need to check this show out! :)

  4. Thanks for posting the trailer and review! I was wondering about it. Looks intriguing.