Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow by Tracy Lynn

Another installment in the Simon Pulse "Once Upon a Time" series, Snow is Tracy Lynn's retelling of Snow White. It's also one of my favorites of the series, of the ones I've read, with a little more complexity and steadiness of character than I've seen in some of the others.

After the death of her mother, Jessica is largely ignored by her father, so spends her childhood mostly running loose on their estate. Until, of course, her father marries again. As Jessica grows older, her stepmother's jealousy grows stronger, finally putting Jessica in mortal danger.

Lynn has some creative changes to the story, such as Jessica running away to the city instead of the forest, and her alteration of the dwarves, and ideas about the mirror and the other magic are transformed into more of a science-fantasy than a purely magical story.

This, like the other books in the series, is a very quick read, and definitely enjoyable for a fairy tale afternoon.

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